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Designed in collaboration with Mark Singer of Giati, The Montecito Fire Pit Table delivers impeccable design with unparalleled customization to fit the needs of any residential or commercial fire pit setting.

The Montecito Fire Pit Table is perfect for home or commercial needs as it is fully customizable to meet your fire pit dreams.

At only 17” tall, the Montecito is pleasing to the eye and the perfect table to put your feet up and watch the sun set.

The Montecito fire pit table comes in a wood, alcohol, natural gas, propane or fuel of your choice.  If propane is the fuel of choice there is a door built under the table to hide the tank from view.  The fire pit top is available in granite, stainless steel or any other custom option of your choice.  The base of the Montecito fire pit table is customizable using 304 or selected alloy finish options (Brushed, Electro polish, Copper, powder coat and other custom options.)  There are several types of media options for the fire pit including broken glass, lava rock, ceramic stones, ceramic logs and other fire pit decorations are available.  The Montecito fire pit is equipped with a stainless steel control knob to adjust the flame and an optional all weather electronic ignition system. The Montecito fire pit table also has the available forced air heat option. Using our engineered star burner, the standard Montecito fire pit has the best flame pattern and heat distribution on the market. Precision Laser cut components with .003″ cutting tolerance insures our products have the fit and finish that you would expect from the ultimate fire pit.

The Montecito fire pit table is made in Southern California or quality materials to be aesthetically pleasing and durable, making it perfect for home or commercial needs.

The Montecito Fire Pit is the best choice for large custom sized fire pits and is available in HD configurations with added supports for public settings.



  • TOP: Your choice of stone, Stainless Steel or Custom
  • BASE MATERIAL: Your choice of stone, Stainless Steel or Custom
  • BURNER: Laser cut 304 stainless steel star with fire pit glass of custom media
  • FUEL: Propane of Natural gas
  • STANDARD DIMENSIONS: L42 w W42 x H17, L60 x W42 x H17, L72 x W42xH17

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Custom Montecito Fire Pit TableMontecito Fire Pit TableMontecito Fire Pit table






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