Luxury Fire Pit Tables

We have created a whole line of luxury fire pit tables that invite the warmth of moments that last a lifetime. Discover the magic that happens when friends gather around a fire.
Our Most Popular Models:

Traditional Roots.
Home Automation.

This traditional fire pit table is beautiful and bold. The Montecito fire pit table is home-automation compatible and, as with all our fire pit tables, is available for full customization.

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Elevated Dining.
Formal Comfort.

Ideal for formal dining, the Mammoth table affords spacious leg room while concealing a propane tank. This table makes a great addition to your patio or porch bar area.

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Go Bold.
Be Inspired.

More than just a fire pit table, the Famosa Collection is a display of color, texture, and the beauty of large format stone.

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Thin Lines.
Airy Elegance.

A beautiful design that leverages thin, elegant lines, and a tapered stainless steel base, the Newport table provides a sleek enhancement to any space — making sure not to steel focus.

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We Offer Custom Orders

All of our tables are customizable to whatever you can dream up, but for commercial orders, we can provide a quote specific to your needs. Whether you're a restaurant, hotel, or any other big need, our commitment is to your satisfaction, and we are eager to accommodate whatever your fire pit table needs are.
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