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10 Hotels with Amazing Fire Pits In California

Amazing Fire Pits In California

The Standard Downtown


The famous Standard Downtown hotel has one of the most well known landmarks in Los Angeles with an equally well known fire pit.  The fire pit is on the ground level away from all of the comotion of the rooftop bar.  The fire pit area provides for a more intimate setting perfect for your small party.

This is one of our favorite favorite fire pits of the list from a design perspective.  It features a simple modern look that fits well into the surrounding sitting area.

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Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel


Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel features two exquisite fire pits. The first fire pit is in the Beachcomber suite.  The fire pit in this suite offers all of the privacy you would expect from an in-room fire pit.  It is mostly for ambiance and doesn’t generate the heat that many of the fire pits we are featuring.

The second fire pit is in the Ocean & Vine restaurant.  This fire pit table is large enough to accommodate a host of restaurant patrons at a happy hour or any other time of day.

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Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa


This isn’t the greatest hotels in the world.  The rooms are not anything unforgettable.  There is a however a fire pit which ties the bar together.  It makes for a warm and inviting area where you will enjoy sipping on a cocktail.  It is what we like to call the “fire pit effect” and it is true for all of the hotels on this list.  A fire pit makes any area more enjoyable, cozy, and memorable.  It is no different for Casa Munras.  The fire pit is the whole reason this hotel has distinction among many of the choices in Monterey, California.


Glen Oaks Lodge Big Sur


As a nice change of pace from all the elegance on this list, Glen Oaks features lodging in cabin style units.  Each cabin has a private patio with a fully stocked fire pit.  The fire pits are fairly standard compared to the grand fire pits already featured.  They do share a commonality which is the reason Glen Oaks made our list of the best fire pits in California.  The fire pits are fueled be natural wood and an unforgettable flame that will create ambiance for you night under the stars.

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Omni La Costa Resort and Spa San Diego


The fire pit area is a part of the Edge Adult Pool area.  It has a gorgeous view of the golf course and valley.  It is truly one of the views in Southern California you will never forget.  The terrace area where the fire pit resides, features the Edge Bar.  There is no shortage of energy here.  It makes for the perfect setting to watch the sun with a couple glasses of wine.  The fire pit at Omni La Costa is a must see on our list.

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The Peninsula Beverly Hills – Roof Garden


The Roof Garden fire pit at The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a magnificent piece o craftsmanship.  This fire pit is in the classic stone style without glass encasing.  It is meant to inspire congregation.  It highly succeeds with the large crowds that are drawn to the fire pit in the roof garden bar.  The other source of this areas popularity is gorgeous view from the rooftop.  It is great reason to visit this Beverly Hills icon.

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Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco


The terrace fire pit has made the Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco iconic.  It is unique among the fire pits in that it has an encasing structure at the top which acts as a hood to the fire pit.  It is a great source for warmth as well as to set it apart from the other fire pits on the list.  Taking the lead on the fire pits in Northern California, this is a must see.

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Carmel Valley Ranch


In the category of the more rustic style, Carmel Valley Ranch features a low to ground stone fire pit.  The hotel allow s’mores and all of the components along with it to be roasted over the fire pit.  This makes for quite an experience that brings many of the guests back to their childhoods.  This experience and the fact that Clint Eastwood was once the mayor of this coastal town make it worth the visit.

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The London West Hollywood


The London West Hollywood features another one of the rooftop fire pits.  They are a favorite amongst the Southern California luxury hotels due to their amazing design overlooking gorgeous views.

We love the design of this fire pit table for its low design and glass caging.  This inspires congregation amongst guests in intimate fashion.  It also lends to radiate much heat which allows for chilly nights to last much longer.  The London West Hollywood is one of the top on our list and a definite must see.

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Mosaic Bar and Grille at Montage Laguna Beach


An amazing experience awaits at Mosaic Bar and Grille at Montage Laguna Beach.  The bar is a Mexican theme with delectable cuisine.  The view is gorgeous overlooking Pacific Coast Highway with a grand fire pit causing flames to dance and cast shadows over the entire space.  As far as beach spots with fire pits, this is a hotel you must experience. There is plenty of room around this fire pit for meeting new people and making a memory with those you already know.  We love Mosaic Bar and Grille at Montage Laguna Beach.

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