Outdoor Greatroom – Tempered Glass Windscreen for 12″x42″ Burner

Outdoor Greatroom




Product Description

Add protection and performance to your gas fire pit burner with an Outdoor Greatroom tempered glass wind guard for a 12″x24″ burner. This glass fire guard screen acts as a windscreen that not only looks great but also adds a layer of protection against wind and objects on your table top. Easy to clean and assemble, this fire pit flame guard will increase your fire pit’s performance and safety.

  • Glass Guard Fencing for Outdoor Greatroom CF-1242 Burner.
  • Includes 2 – 44.6″ W x 5.75″ H glass, 2 – 15.5″ W x 5.75″H glass, polished aluminum clips for glass
  • Actual size 44.6″x15.5″
  • Tempered withstands high heat from gas fire pit burners
  • Reduces Wind Effect
  • Provides Safety Barrier from Small Children and animals
  • Easy to set up – Less than 30 minutes
  • Rubber Base Stops
  • Easily to clean
  • Lift to remove from fire pit table top


  • Weight: 20 lb
  • Burner-Size: 12 Inches
  • Ignition: Manual
  • Height: 5 3/4 Inches
  • Width: 43 3/4 Inches
  • Depth: 14 3/4 Inches
  • Condition: New
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  • UPC: 8.12E+11
  • Supplier: ogr

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