• Proudly Made in the USA
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Handcrafted in California


  • Weight: 5 lb

Product Description

Introducing the ACTEL-TOP4PFUT – the epitome of innovation and protection for your outdoor furniture. Elevate your patio aesthetics and shield your investment with the cutting-edge 4P Futuro Top Cover, designed exclusively for the ACTEL-TOP series.

Ultimate Protection, Tailored Fit: The 4P Futuro Top Cover is crafted with precision to provide your ACTEL-TOP furniture with the ultimate shield against the elements. Its tailored fit ensures comprehensive coverage, guarding your furniture from rain, UV rays, dust, and more. Invest in protection that’s as tailored as your style.

All-Weather Durability: Don’t let unpredictable weather dampen your outdoor experience. Engineered with high-quality materials, this top cover is built to withstand the harshest elements, ensuring your ACTEL-TOP furniture remains in pristine condition season after season.

Seamless Aesthetics: Elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor space with the 4P Futuro Top Cover’s sleek design. The cover seamlessly integrates into your patio decor, adding a touch of sophistication while preserving the clean lines of your ACTEL-TOP furniture.

Effortless Maintenance: Enjoy peace of mind with the low-maintenance design of the 4P Futuro Top Cover. Easy to clean and store, it takes the hassle out of preserving the longevity of your outdoor furniture, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor oasis.

Precision Craftsmanship, Lasting Assurance: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the 4P Futuro Top Cover is a testament to precision craftsmanship. Invest in assurance that your ACTEL-TOP furniture is protected by a cover designed with durability, aesthetics, and functionality in mind.

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