Perlick Signature Series 18″Beverage Center, Panel Ready Glass Door, Hinged Right – HH24BM-4-4R



SKU: HH24BM-4-4R
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Handcrafted in California


  • Weight: 185 lb
  • Width: 23.8 in
  • Depth: 18 in
  • Height: 32 in

Product Description

Introducing the Perlick Signature Series 18″ Beverage Center – the epitome of sophistication and functionality. Elevate your entertaining experience with the HH24BM-4-4R model, featuring a Panel Ready Glass Door and a convenient Right Hinge design.

Unleash the power of precision cooling with this state-of-the-art Beverage Center. The meticulously crafted 18″ width makes it a perfect fit for any space, whether it’s your kitchen, bar area, or entertainment room. The Panel Ready Glass Door not only adds a touch of contemporary elegance but also allows you to seamlessly integrate the unit into your existing cabinetry, achieving a truly customized look.

Effortless access is at your fingertips with the Right Hinge design, ensuring smooth and ergonomic operation. The Perlick Signature Series goes beyond ordinary beverage storage, providing an ideal environment for your drinks with its advanced temperature management system. Keep your beverages at their optimal serving temperature with the precision-controlled thermostat, creating an inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.

Maximize storage versatility with adjustable, full-extension shelves, accommodating a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. The intelligent design of the HH24BM-4-4R optimizes every inch of space, allowing you to organize your beverages with ease. The unit’s whisper-quiet operation ensures that your gatherings remain undisturbed, while the UV-resistant glass door protects your beverages from harmful light exposure.

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