Custom 3/8″ Clamped Tempered Glass Wind Screen For Any Firepit




Clamps w/ Rubber Feet

Product Description

These durable and economical windscreens are constructed from extra thick 3/8″ tempered glass and clamp together with 2 clamps per corner. They feature thick glass, a perfect fit, all at the right price. We include 8 chrome corner clamps with the custom glass size of your choice. These windscreens are significant upgrade in glass thickness and will fit almost any fire pit.

Consider adding the rubber feet to the bottom clamp of your windscreen for a extra grip. The rubber feet slightly raise the glass windguard which may help it clear small inconsistencies or uneven areas on your table top. This is great for stonework that may be rough and natural. These fit are also great for delicate metal or stone surfaces that need to stay scratch free.

  • Build to any burner size in 1-3 weeks
  • Constructed from premium 3/8″ tempered glass 
  • (8) Chrome finish corner clamps included
  • Adds secure barrier between table and fire pit flame 
  • Improves quality of fire in windy situations 
  • Easily disassembled and cleaned 
  • Made in California

How to Size Your Windscreen

  • Size your windscreen 2″ larger than the fire pit opening if the ledge surrounding the fire pit is rough or uneven
  • Size your windscreen 1″ larger than the fire pit opening if the ledge surrounding the fire pit is smooth and level
  • Make your windscreen a little bit larger if you want it to rest on more table top space
  • Taller windscreens block the wind better and provide more rigidity to long panels
  • Please call (888)303-2453 for assistance


  • Weight: 35 lb
  • Height: Custom
  • Width: Custom
  • Condition: New
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  • Length: Custom
  • Supplier: plg

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