HPC Fire 30″ Round High Capacity Burner Fire Pit Kit FPS30HC

$590.50 - $680.13


  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Handcrafted in California


  • Weight: 15 lb

Product Description

Ignite the flames of fun with the HPC Fire 30″ Round High Capacity Burner Fire Pit Kit (FPS30HC)!

Turn your backyard into a gathering haven with this powerful and stylish fire pit kit. Featuring a 30-inch round high-capacity burner, this kit produces a tall, impressive flame that sets the perfect ambiance for any outdoor gathering.

Key Features:

  • High-quality construction: Made from premium #304 stainless steel, this fire pit is built to last, resisting the elements and ensuring years of enjoyment.
  • Match-lit ignition: For a traditional touch, simply light the fire with a match or lighter.
  • Powerful Burner: The high-capacity burner delivers up to 300,000 BTU, creating a large and captivating flame perfect for warming your guests and roasting marshmallows.
  • Easy installation: This kit comes with everything you need for a quick and hassle-free setup, including a burner ring, valve, flex line, and all necessary fittings.
  • Clean operation: No messy wood or ash, just enjoy the clean and convenient beauty of gas-powered fire.

More than just a fire pit, it’s a statement piece:

  • Elegant design: The sleek, round shape and stainless steel finish complement any outdoor aesthetic.
  • Versatility: Use it as a fire pit on its own, or add fire glass (sold separately) for a modern touch.
  • Perfect for entertaining: Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for friends and family to gather around.

Ready to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis? The HPC Fire 30″ Round High Capacity Burner Fire Pit Kit is the perfect solution.

Additional Information:

  • Fuel: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane (conversion kit included)
  • Dimensions: 30″ diameter
  • Weight: Approximately 15 pounds
  • Includes: Burner ring, valve, flex line, fittings, manual
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