HPC Fire 31″ Round Bowl Fire Pit Insert PENTA31 MLFPK-FLEX

$1,243.23 - $1,417.23


  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Handcrafted in California


  • Weight: 80 lb

Product Description

Transform your patio into a fiery oasis with the HPC Fire 31″ Round Bowl Fire Pit Insert PENTA31 MLFPK-FLEX!

Unleash the warmth and ambiance: This fire pit insert boasts a generous 31-inch round bowl, perfect for gathering friends and family around a mesmerizing flame.

Effortless control: Enjoy the convenience of match-lit ignition. Simply light a long-stem lighter near the burner perimeter and slowly open the key valve to ignite the fire. Control the flame height by adjusting the key – turning counter-clockwise for a larger flame and clockwise to lower it.

Durable performance: Constructed from robust #304 stainless steel, this fire pit insert is built to withstand the elements and provide lasting enjoyment.

Flexible installation: The included whistle-free flex line offers greater placement flexibility during installation. Connect the gas line from the valve to your propane source (not included) for a seamless setup.

Modern design: The sleek round bowl design complements a variety of patio aesthetics, making it a stylish addition to your outdoor space.

Penta Burner Technology:

  • The Penta-shaped burner features staggered burner ports for a captivating and even flame distribution.

Easy Maintenance:

  • The stainless steel construction makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Peace of mind:

  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the burner and pan for added confidence in your purchase.

HPC Fire 31″ Round Bowl Fire Pit Insert PENTA31 MLFPK-FLEX – Key Features:

  • Match-lit ignition for convenient operation
  • 31-inch round stainless steel pan
  • Penta burner for even flame distribution
  • Adjustable flame control
  • Whistle-free flex line for flexible installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on burner and pan
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