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Bishop Fire Pit Table

The newest member in our line of fire pit tables, The Bishop Table is great for outdoor seating at restaurants, bars and residential patios.

The Bishop Fire pit table is designed with your commercial or restaurant dining in mind.

With lots of leg room and space to eat the Bishop Fire pit table is perfect for your outdoor dining experience. The sharply tapering, elevated base allows for maximum foot room and comfort while enjoying your fire dining table.

The Bishop Fire pit table comes standard in a 55” round or the custom size, and shape you desire. This fire table is available in granite, stone, concrete or custom top of your choice.  The custom tapered base is available in 304 Stainless steel Copper plating with option of forced patina Brushed 304 stainless steel Electro polish Powder coating in several standard colors or custom colors options.  The Bishop Fire pit table comes in natural gas or propane fuel with a door to hide the propane tank from the customers view.

Finish off your custom fire table with broken glass, lava rock or the fire pit media of your choice.  The Bishop Fire pit table comes with laser cut stainless steel star burner with optional electronic all weather ignition system and optional forced air heater to keep your patrons warm on a chilly evening.

Cooke Fire Pit Tables are made in the USA in Southern California with high quality stainless steel to withstand the harsh elements of the ocean.



  • TOP: Your stone of choice or Custom
  • BASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • BURNER: Laser cut 304 stainless steel star with fire pit glass of custom media
  • FUEL: Propane or Natural gas
  • STANDARD DIMENSIONS: D55 x H30, D60 x H30 or custom dimensions

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Bishop Fire Pit Table

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