Newport Planter

The Newport Planter offers a contemporary tapered shape and an elevated floor, allowing smaller plants to sit higher in a taller planter.

The Newport Planter is 100% stainless steel with added durability through your choice of powder coat color. This elegant simple planter is slightly tapered and features clean powder coated steel sides. Choose from our standard powder coat colors or thousands of custom colors that perfectly match your decor.

Like all COOKE products, the Newport Planter can be fully customized in every dimension and with a wide selection of finishes. Taller sizes can be constructed with a elevated sub-floor which raises smaller more compact plants.

The Newport Planter is made in the Los Angeles, California. Local delivery and installation is available through COOKE. Call or request a quote for more information!



  • TOP: Brushed, Electro polish, Copper, powder coat and other custom options are available
  • BASE MATERIAL: Copper,304, 316 stainless steel or selected alloy
  • BURNER: Convert this planter into a fire feature that can be controlled by pool/ home control system.
  • FUEL: None
  • STANDARD DIMENSIONS: 15" x 15" x 18"
    15" x 24" x 18"
    15" x 48" x 18"
    24" x 24" x 21"
    24" x 36" x 21"
    24" x 48" x 21"
    28" x 42" x 24"
    28" x 60" x 24"
    Custom Sizes Available

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