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Balboa Fire Pit Table

This table has bold lines that bring people together around a sleek fire feature that can be fueled by several options, the most common are natural gas or propane with a tank that is stored underneath.

The Balboa Fire Pit Table is a perfect height for casual dining or a restaurant setting.

The granite or custom stone top allows for a fire pit that will match your patio décor and become a focal point of your outdoor space and topic of conversation.  The bold lines draw people in around the sleek fire feature that can be fueled by several options the most common being natural gas or propane.  The Balboa table comes in two standard sizes or can be customized to fit any patio space.

The Balboa Fire Pit table is available on a customizable 304 or selected alloy finish base with options of Brushed, Electro polish, Copper, powder coat and other custom options.  Your choice of broken glass, lava rock or other ceramic media fill the fire pit and add an attractive center piece to complement the granite or stone top. The Balboa Fire Pit table has an optional glass wind screen and forced air heat option to use on chilly windy nights.  The Balboa table comes standard with a solid stainless steel control knob that allows you to adjust the flame and an optional all weather ignition system.

Cooke fire pit tables are made in the USA using high quality materials for durability and longevity to withstand the elements.

The stone top is fabricated from solid 3 cm stone which features a 4 inch edge detail. The stone top is often a focal point as it is commonly designer-specified to bring cohesiveness to many beautiful projects.  We also offer magnificent standard stone options.

Standard tables ship in 1 to 4 weeks, custom 4 to 8



  • TOP: Your choice of stone, Stainless Steel or Custom
  • BASE MATERIAL: Your stone of choice
  • BURNER: Laser cut 304 stainless steel star with fire pit glass or custom media
  • FUEL: Propane or Natural gas
  • STANDARD DIMENSIONS: L 48" x W 36" x H 22" (also available in L48 x W48 x H22, L60 x W48 x H22, L72 x W48 x H22 or custom dimensions)

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